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With features such as lean and mixed mode manufacturing, and advanced planning and scheduling, new benefits including reduced operating and labor costs, faster lead time, more efficient inventorying, greater data reliability and higher productivity are guaranteed in the manufacturing space.

Manufacturing domain is also being infiltrated by various trends such as robotics, 3D printing, mobility, wearable tech, the cloud, and analytics. While a majority of solution providers are in the process of adapting to these new technologies, the Internet of Things is expected to be the next big movement in technology. IoT can enable to connect people, processes, data and things in an intelligent way to enable new business models and make better decisions. It will be more event-driven and intelligent and process more data.

There are two additional elements that are leading the revolution. Integration and aggregation of externally sourced data gathered from sources such as sensors, smart devices and other applications. The second is the science-driven predictive performance analytic capabilities which can play a big role in today’s situation where the manufacturing space now contains more documentation, measurement and recording of shop floor processes.

That being said, we at Manufacturing Outlook present to you this edition. Flip through the pages to get to know these featured vendors and the trends influencing the space and understand the ways in which they can help with your business strategies.

Top Companies

Provides CRM for the manufacturing industries both on-premise and the cloud

Offers strategic technology and management consulting to execute digital transformations through Cloud ERP and Salesforce Platform or industrial and manufacturing firms

Ushering in a new era of ERP with a complete system designed to power today’s modern manufacturer

Provides a unique software platform that streamlines process automation and provides real-time data visibility of manufacturing operations for organizations

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